[REPO] Easily install my repository

You can add my repository by installing the following 3 Deb files :


For my software (stable)

Download “LvTommy software Repository” lvtommy-software-epository-1.0.0.deb – Downloaded 1202 times – 1 KB


For my software (BETA)

Download “LvTommy BETA software Repository” lvtommy-software-repository-BETA_1.0.0.deb – Downloaded 479 times – 1 KB


For kernel

Download “LvTommy Kernel Repository” lvtommy-kernel-repository_1.0.0.deb – Downloaded 1887 times – 2 KB


After installing, please update the Apt cache :

  1. Open Deepin terminal
  2. Run the following command :
    sudo apt update

You can now install my software or update your kernel

To install the new kernel, after adding my kernel repo, install this package : sudo apt install lvtommy-linux-kernel


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