[KERNEL] Linux kernel 5.1.3 for Deepin (post updated)

You can install linux kernel 5.1.3 in your Deepin system now.


You can find in my repository the kernel 5.1.3 for Deepin (Debian) :

  • linux-headers-5.1.3-exton_5.1.3-exton-1_amd64
  • linux-image-5.1.3-exton_5.1.3-exton-1_amd64
  • linux-libc-dev_5.1.3-exton-1_amd64


open a terminal and do this command :

sudo apt update
sudo apt install lvtommy-kernel-update-exton



If you want add my repository, go here : https://lvtommy.com/depot/


Warning  : Install this new kernel if you know what you are doing.


Kernel package from : extonlinux


Help application development by making a donation (Paypal, Alipay or Wechat) : https://lvtommy.com/dons/


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2 Responses

  1. jesman says:

    I suppose apt upgrade nor apt dist-upgrade don’t pick up these new kernel packages after adding your repo? How is the update suppose to happen? Thanks.

  2. LvTommy says:

    open a terminal and do this command :

    sudo apt install linux-headers-5.1.3-exton linux-image-5.1.3-exton linux-libc-dev