[KERNEL] Linux kernel 5.1-22.1 for Deepin

You can install linux kernel 5.1-22.1 in your Deepin system now. This kernel have some improvement.

  • Zen Interactive Tuning: Tunes the kernel for responsiveness at the cost of throughput and power usage.
    --- Virtual Memory Subsystem ---------------------------
    Mem dirty before bg writeback..:  10 %  ->  20 %
    Mem dirty before sync writeback:  20 %  ->  50 %
    --- Block Layer ----------------------------------------
    Block Layer Queue Depth........: 128    -> 512
    Default MQ scheduler......: mq-deadline -> bfq
    --- CPU Scheduler (CFS) --------------------------------
    Scheduling latency.............:   6    ->   3    ms
    Minimal granularity............:   0.75 ->   0.3  ms
    Wakeup granularity.............:   1    ->   0.5  ms
    CPU migration cost.............:   0.5  ->   0.25 ms
    Bandwidth slice size...........:   5    ->   3    ms
    --- CPU Scheduler (MuQSS) ------------------------------
    Scheduling interval............:   6    ->   4    ms
    ISO task max realtime use......:  70 %  ->  25 %
  • MuQSS Process Scheduler: Fair process scheduler for gaming, multimedia, and real-time loads.
  • Preemptible tree-based hierarchical RCU: RCU implementation for real-time systems.
  • Hard Kernel Preemption: Most aggressive kernel preemption before requiring real-time patches. Guarantees responsive system under high intensity mixed workload scenarios.
  • Budget Fair Queue: Proper disk scheduler optimized for desktop usage, high throughput / low latency.
  • TCP BBR Congestion Control: Fast congestion control, maximizes throughput, guaranteeing higher speeds than Cubic.
  • Binary Builds For Popular Debian Distros: Binary builds are produced for Debian Stable, Testing, and Unstable. Ubuntu builds are available on the Liquorix PPA same day within hours of Debian releases going up.
  • Distribution Kernel Drop-in Replacement: Proper distribution style configuration supporting broadest selection of hardware. Paravirtualization options enabled to reduce overhead under virtualization.
  • Minimal Debugging: Minimum number of debug options enabled to increase kernel throughput.


You can find in my repository this kernel.


open a terminal and do this command :

sudo apt update
sudo apt install lvtommy-kernel-update-liquorix



If you want add my repository, go here : https://lvtommy.com/depot/


Warning  : Install this new kernel if you know what you are doing.


Kernel package from : liquorix


Help application development by making a donation (Paypal, Alipay or Wechat) : https://lvtommy.com/dons/


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2 Responses

  1. marcosebrahim says:

    Hi All,
    thanks for your support.just want to mention that while kernel installing and building new modules dkms got thos errors


    so,wondering if you could provide the suitable prebuild dkms-modules packages for the new kernel in your repository.

    thanks again
    looking forward to your support…

  2. LvTommy says:

    OK i will look for this