Eyes Safe 2


Eyes Safe 2 is a tool for Deepin Linux to reduce and prevent repetitive strain injury (RSI).



The  purpose of Eyes safe is reminding you to take breaks while working on the computer for a long time. The break screen asks you to do some exercises which will reduce your RSI.



Eyes safe shows a system notification for breaks and an audible alert at the end of breaks.

First alert : Small notification that show you some exercises to do for your eyes.

Second alert : Full screen notification that show you some exercises to do for your eyes and relax yourself.


Settings :

  • Choose short break duration
  • Choose long break duration
  • Choose strick break (you can’t skip long break)
  • Choose a wallpaper for long break
  • Play sound for long break


Language available: English, French, Chinese, Spanish


Eyes Safe is designed and optimized for Deepin Linux 15 (Debian Stable).

Add the Repository by clicking here


Once the Repository is installed, open the terminal and enter the following command:


sudo apt install lvtommy-eyesafe



Warning : This version is only compatible with Deepin 15 (Debian Stable)

Alternative link :

Download “Eyes Safe 2” lvtommy-eyesafe_2.0.2.deb – Downloaded 55 times – 8 MB


Info: Using Eyes Safe on another distribution may not work and cause errors.